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Location-Based Advertising
Welcome to CenturyLink’s web page covering location-based advertising. CenturyLink is participating in location-based advertising to improve the Internet experience for our High-Speed Internet customers. To learn more, please review the frequently asked questions below.
+ What is location-based advertising and why is it beneficial to CenturyLink customers?
Location-based advertising is advertising which can be based on a geographic attribute, such as address, zip code or neighborhood. Targeting advertising by location is a common practice with television, direct mail, mobile phones and the Internet. CenturyLink may target advertising to customers at the address associated with their High Speed Internet service to improve the location accuracy and relevance of advertisements and the Internet experience.
+ Is CenturyLink sharing my location with advertisers?
No, CenturyLink is not sharing your address or any personally identifiable information with advertisers. Information regarding CenturyLink’s Privacy Policy can be found 2089035055.
+ Does this mean I will see more advertisements on the Internet than I already do?
No, customers will not see more advertisements as a result of this service, but should see advertisements better matched to their location.
+ Will all advertisements I see online be targeted to my location?
No, advertisers have many different advertising goals and methods of targeting advertising.
+ Does CenturyLink enable advertisers to target advertisements to me based on my web browsing habits?
No, CenturyLink does not enable online advertising to be targeted to our customers based on their web browsing history. Information regarding CenturyLink’s Privacy Policy can be found here.
+ Where is CenturyLink location-based advertising available?
Location-based advertising is currently available to CenturyLink High-Speed Internet customers across the country. However, some households may not yet be eligible to participate. If your household is not yet eligible, the preferences page will indicate this and you will receive notice as your household becomes eligible.
+ Can I choose not to participate?
Yes, if your household is currently eligible for location-based advertising, you can choose not to participate at any time by clicking here to visit the CenturyLink preferences page for location-based advertising. If you choose to disable this service, your preference will be effective until you choose to turn it on at a later time. Note, to enable or disable this service you must be on a computer connected to your Centurylink modem. You can also change your preference by contacting a CenturyLink service representative at 800-788-3600.
+ How is my location-based advertising preference stored?
Your preference is maintained by CenturyLink and it is associated with a unique identifier for your High-Speed Internet service. Your preference applies to all computers connecting to the Internet via your CenturyLink modem and is not dependent on the computer's browser cookies. If your modem is replaced, your preference may need to be reestablished and can be done by clicking here. In addition, your modem will occasionally need to reestablish its connection to the Internet and receive an updated IP address. Each time this occurs there may be a brief period where your preference and geographic area are not properly recognized.
+ What happens if I choose not to participate?
If you choose not to participate, CenturyLink will not enable advertisers to target advertisements to you based on your address information.